Monday, May 26, 2008

W9D1 - 2.31 miles!

Holy frak! I just ran 2.31 miles in 30:28 minutes at a 13:09 pace with NO walking! This is my fastest pace and the longest I've ever ran in a row by .31 miles! I can't believe it. I am going be feeling this tomorrow, but it feels fantastic right now!

I was scheduled to start week 9 tomorrow, since I usually give myself 2 days off from running after a race. However, aside from some minor soreness in my calves, I felt fine since I didn't really push myself on Saturday (my pace for the race was 13:33).

The reason for my amazing time is because Jason came running with me. I was a few feet behind him the whole time, but was keeping up with his slow jog the whole way. I had a slight side stitch almost the whole time too, but not bad enough to make me stop.

I am not sure I could run like this every time, but at least now I know I can do it and just have been holding myself back a bit. It just goes to show that this really is a mental thing and my heart just wasn't in it on Saturday. By the time the next 5k comes around in 3 weeks, I'll be ready to run the whole thing!!

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