Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fitness Update (Take 2)

We just went for an 8 mile bike ride (round trip) to Target. It was great! I bought a new sports bra (for biking) and some sunglasses. Now we are off to Disney.

I'm going to start posting my updates on Saturdays/Sundays for the previous week, so they coincide with the calendar week. This will make it easier to post total miles I run/bike straight form the program I use that reads and organizes the data from my GPS watch. Below is an updated list of accomplishments for last week.

Accomplishments for week of 5/25 - 31:
- Completed my 3rd 5k
- Ran 30 minutes--C25k Week 9--without walking (3 times)
- Ran 2.31 miles without walking
- Ran/Walked 8.5 miles total
- Biked 16.83 miles total
- Fit into a size 2 skirt
- Lost 1 pound
- Met mini goal: 20 lbs lost

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Viviane said...

Congrats! I would never fit into a size 2 skirt I think. No matter how skinny I am (the hip bones won't shrink).
And congrats on all the 5ks, I am still on week 5 of C25K.

I am bevived on LJ, I found you via the C25K community.
My running blog is here:

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