C25K Resources

The Couch to 5K Running program is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to be a runner but thinks they can't because of [insert reason here]. The clever design of this program gradually eases you into running, starting with 60sec/90sec run/walk intervals in week 1, until you can finally run for 30 minutes straight in week 9. It will change the way you think of yourself in terms of fitness and is a great confidence booster. Since I am constantly referring others to this program, I thought I would repost these links in their own post to make it easier for new visitors to find.
  • C25K Running Plan - This sites describes the program and what to do each of the 9 weeks.
  • C25K Checklist - This site is just the chart of the 9 week program with checkboxes to track your progress. It uses a browser cookie so it remembers what you checked from one visit to the next.
  • C25K Podcasts by Ullrey - One of my biggest worries was how I was going to keep track of when to run, when to jog, and when I had done enough intervals. These podcasts make it super easy and include workout music to keep you motivated.
  • Podrunner: Intervals - Another great C25K podcast with more upbeat music. Instead of telling you when to run or walk, this podcast uses a sound to alert you when to switch.
  • Couch to 5k LJ Community - this wonderful community is full of people doing the program and offer an endless source of inspiration, motivation, support and advice. Even if you are not following the program exactly as prescribed, they are a great resource. The same goes for the ljrunners community.
  • c25k.com - even more great links about the program and running in general.
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