Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals & Preliminary Racing Schedule

I'm still working on my 2011 recaps since we still have a day left, but based on the preliminary numbers I figured out my goals and began putting together my racing schedule for next year. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a race or goal I should add.

2012 Goals

  • Run 1000+ miles (80/mo; 20/wk)
  • Run a 5K in 29 minutes
  • Run a half marathon in 2:15 or PR (sub-2:24)
  • Run a marathon in 5 hours or PR (sub-5:22)
  • Become a Marathon Maniac (3 in 90 days)
  • 30 day running streak (1 mile/day)
General Fitness
  • Walk 500+ miles (42/mo; 10/wk)
  • 30 day plank-a-day challenge 
  • 10 hours of yoga per month (2.5/wk)
  • Bike at least once a week
  • Drive car < 6500 miles (541/mo; 125/wk)
  • Spend < $1000 at restaurants
  • Eat restaurant food no more than 100x (8x per month)
  • Do 1 new thing each month
  • Read 6 books
2012 Tentative Race Schedule

I've already registered for the ones in bold; the others are just what I am considering but I will likely not run them all. I have a big gap between May and August, but it's usually too hot in Florida to race during those months so it's a good time for rebuilding base milage for marathon season. I may throw in a duathlon during that time, or maybe a 30-day running streak, but I haven't decided yet.
  1. [01.01] DeLeons Half Marathon
  2. [01.22] Ocala Marathon
  3. [02.04] Lady Track Shack 5K
  4. [02.12] 26.2 with Donna Marathon (BMC)
  5. [02.18] Run Around the Pines 5K
  6. [03.04] Orange Blossom Half Marathon
  7. [03.11] Sarasota Half or Relay
  8. [03.24] Winter Park 10K & 2 Mile
  9. [04.07] North Georgia Spring Run (Blairsville) 
  10. [04.12] Corporate 5K
  11. [04.22] Iron Girl Half Marathon
  12. [04.28] Run for the Trees 5K
  13. [09.??] Puzzle Run 10K 
  14. [09.??] Miracle Miles 15K 
  15. [10.??] U Can Finish 5 Miler or Distance Dare
  16. [11.??] New York City Marathon 
  17. [11.??] Founder's Day 10K or Distance Dare
  18. [11.??] Space Coast Half Marathon 
  19. [12.01] OUC Half Marathon 
  20. [12.??] Jacksonville Bank Marathon 


                  mizunogirl said...

                  I'm hoping to make Space Coast my Marathon this year, but if predicted times are long I'll drop to the half! or Do Jacksonville. I'm still building my miles!!!!! Next time we'll meet!

                  Kimberly Krebs said...

                  I love your restaurant goals. I could use some goals like that also, to be honest.

                  Kitzzy said...

                  Thanks. I think we spend way too much eating out and it's just not as healthy when I don't cook it myself so it's a win-win both for health and financial reasons.

                  Kitzzy said...

                  Space Coast is a great race, but I think I liked the half better than the full. It just gets lonely during the second half, but I think that's typical of a lot of full marathons. I hear Jacksonville is even flatter/faster, so I want to try that one next year.

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