Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Hills & Lil Sis

Hill Repeats

We did hill repeats this morning and it was a hell of a workout. It was really tiring because it's been a while, but I love how they make me feel and get my heart pumping. I must admit I've become fond of hills :) I never thought this day would come, but I can really see the benefits of doing hill repeats and I feel really strong. Every race I've done this year with hills has been a piece of cake. Ok, that is not entirely true because they still pose a bit of a challenge, but I am not afraid of them at all. I know how to run hills now, how to conserve energy, and they don't exhaust me. In fact, my next marathon in January will be on a hilly course and I'm kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Little Sister's Birthday

My little sister turned 31 yesterday and we went to dinner tonight with the whole family to celebrate. I cannot believe that my baby sister is already in her 30s, married, with 2 kids. In my head she is still 18; that would of course mean I'm still 20 lol I think I'll keep on living this fantasy ;) Her kids continue to be as adorable as ever, and Bella sure knows it. Alex is all giggles and starting to steal her thunder, so she has to keep bringing attention to herself any way she can. She's a smart cookie that one. It will be interesting when he is talking and walking too. And with my sister's birthday behind us, it means there is only 2 weeks until Christmas and the end of 2011 is near. Time sure flies when you are having fun! :)

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