Saturday, December 3, 2011

Race Report: OUC Half Marathon 2011

FUN FUN FUN! That's the word of the day. I am so glad I ran this race this morning because I had an amazing time. It was just what I needed to complete my marathon mental recovery and get my mojo back. This was half marathon #11 and the 4th year in a row running this same race. I am in awe that I was recovered enough to run a half marathon 1 week after running a marathon and I feel great. The weather was amazing and I surprised myself with a great performance. This finish time ranks 6th out of 11, and I'm thrilled I managed a sub-12 min/mile pace.

The fun begun even before the race started. I chose a super cute matching outfit, because you always perform better when you feel good, and the primary goal for this race was FUN :) I wore my Half Fanatic shirt with a black running skirt and blue/yellow matching socks, wrist bands and headbands. I felt like wonder women with the wrist bands lol (Blue top and black bottoms seems to be my dress code for this race lol)

I walked to the start a block away and finally met some fellow half fanatics for a super fun photo shoot, then met my Galloway group for a group photo. I started the race with Kerrie & Muki nice and easy with 1/1 intervals. Dave from Half Fanatics found us and took some fun photos of us, then ran a few miles with us. He is a blast!

I kept up the 1/1 intervals and a comfortable average pace through mile 10, never looking at my phone because I didn't want to push it and stop the fun! The clock at mile 10 read 2:06, and I knew it took us a couple of minutes to cross the start line. I was still feeling amazing and knew I could easily run a 5K in about 35 minutes to finish in under 2:40, so I picked up the pace.  I abandoned the 1/1 intervals and ran steady taking a short walk break every 1/2 mile. My iPhone app says I ran the first 10 miles in 2:04 at an average pace of 12:24 min/mi. I clearly had a lot left in the tank, because the last 3 miles were 11:16, 10:24, and 9:59 for a an overall pace of 11:56! The best part was that my knee never protested and I still felt amazing when I finished with a HUGE smile on my face. So I probably could have finished even faster, but I would not changed a thing because this is exactly the race I wanted to run -- no, that I NEEDED to run to get my mojo back and oh yes it is back with a vengeance! =)

Official Stats:
  • Clock: 2:38:43 
  • Chip: 2:36:30 
  • Pace: 11:56.8
  • Overall: 1889 / 2151 
  • Gender: 892 / 1082
  • AG: 160 / 174

I met up with my group after the race for some more photos, then walked to Julie's for brunch and mimosas! After I got home, showered, and iced, I rode with Jason to get a haircut. I'm telling you, I am on fire today!

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