Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unconscious Mutterings

After yesterday's exhausting day, I took it easy today. I managed to sleep in until 8 am, then did an hour of power yoga with Rodney Yee. Went to a holiday party in the afternoon, and I'm now relaxing watching TV and cooking up beans for the week. So I thought a quick bit of free association from Unconscious Mutterings would be appropriate for today since I'm on a bit of autopilot. 
  1. Dedication :: Marathon training
  2. Dream destination :: Greece
  3. Games :: Reindeer
  4. Hard as :: Steel
  5. Convict :: ion
  6. Submit :: Lottery
  7. Alcohol :: Mudslide
  8. Clippers :: Nails
  9. Hormonal :: Women
  10. Diet :: meatless

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