Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Not in a great mood tonight, and too much on my mind, so you get a random stream of consciousness bullet post. 
  • Ran 4 miles this morning with my group that was a bit fast for a recovery run, but it felt great in the cooler air. 
  • I wore my Tough Girl Skirt for this morning's run, even though at 55º it was not nearly cold enough for that, but it was a good test. I think it may be warm enough for running in Georgia. I'll try to post a full review later. 
  • Work is stressful with too much to get done before vacation. Of course, falling into a daily sugar comma from all the holiday treats is not helping. Tis the season.
  • Christmas shopping is stressing me out too. I suck at this.
  • I made a new whole wheat cookie recipe tonight, with honey as the sweetener, that Jason loved. They're really fluffy. We'll see how they taste tomorrow. Recipe: Whole White Wheat and Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • My 10K Fun Run on Saturday is gaining some more interest, so I may need to step up the planning (that's scary lol). I'm excited to see everyone in their festive attire and to get to run with some in the program from other groups that I would normally not run with. 
  • I have 2 more days of work, then I am off for 11 days! I CANNOT WAIT! =) They announced an extra day off yesterday, and I'm grateful to have at least one day off to myself before and after the madness that is the holiday season.


Kimberly Krebs said...

Glad to hear a Floridian saying 55 is not cold enough to run in pants! LOL. My sister was bundled up for 65 degrees (she is in Tampa)

Kitzzy said...

I used to be that way, bundled up for anything in the 60s, but the more I run and longer I am out there I realized that it will suck after the first mile if I over do it.

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