Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 50 Recap

Didn't do as well with yoga this week, but still managed 5 sessions so that's not bad. I took it a bit easier during the week because I knew I had a 20+ long run on Saturday and wanted to be rested for it, so I chose extra sleep over yoga more often. I ran my usual 3 times with some quality workouts: hill repeats, 400 repeats, and the 22 miler.

I'm excited that with only 2 weeks to go, I've almost run 900 miles in 2011 and will surpass that by year's end. The next 2 weeks will be a little light on milage since I'll be on vacation and tapering for a half marathon on New Year's Day, so I won't reach 950. That's ok; it gives me something to shoot for next year ;)

This week is going to be lots of fun. On Thursday our running group is hosting a Holiday 5K Fun Run, and on Saturday I'm hosting a 10K around downtown Orlando. I plan to dress in festive attire for both occasions and have a blast. I've got tons of deadlines at work, so I can really use these runs to relief stress. I may even bring some running clothes to work to get in a short run during lunch to blow off some steam and burn off all the sugar I'm consuming from generous coworkers :)

Week Summary:

  • ran 33 miles (895 ytd)
  • walked 12 miles (421 ytd)
  • 5 yoga sessions; 76 minutes 
  • HBBC Week 4: 37.4 points

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