Thursday, November 26, 2009

Race Report: Turkey Trot 5K 2009

This was a truly non-stop 5K -- I didn't even stop for water -- but it took a lot out of me. I was beat by the time I finished, and I barely had anything for a final kick. As soon as I stopped, I felt ill. It's so weird how I get this cramp in my lower abdomen whenever I exert myself too much. I had to keep walking and eventually the cramping went away and I felt much better.

While the race was crowded (we saw bibs as high as 4800), that was never a problem -- nothing will ever compare to the 11,000+ runners at the Corporate 5K. It was a bit cold this morning, but with pants and long sleeve tech shirt, it felt comfortable for a 5k race.

Splits (pace):

9:47 (.11 miles)

I clearly started too fast and faded at the end resulting in positive splits (a rare thing for me), but I accomplished my goal of running the whole thing. I finished in 35:13 by my watch. I still prefer to at least take a small walk break at each mile. That usually is enough to re-energize me and net me a faster overall race time. I can't wait to have this marathon behind me so I can work on speed! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marathon Training Update = 18 Miles!

Today I ran 18 miles in 4 hrs and 9 minutes at 13:50 min/mile avg pace. This was a challenging run, both physically and mentally, but I made it and have another distance PR by 2 miles!

Unlike the 16 miler 2 weeks ago, which flew by, this run seemed to take forever. I struggled mentally to get through the first half, and it wasn't until mile 10 that I felt I had made some progress. I seemed to get a second wind after that, at least mentally, but then my legs started getting tired and achy. The last 5 miles (or maybe 8 miles -- everything is kind running together in my head) were outright painful. Not a "I'm hurt and should stop" kind of painful, just general muscle fatigue. At least the knees behaved and the new shorts kept the chafing away. I finished this run out of cheer will to stay on schedule, and felt great when I was done. I don't hurt as bad any more, but I'm still a bit sore -- especially my feet and when I flex them.

I ate a GU Roctane before starting, then 2 others during the run and about 3 shot blocks. I tried the Chocolate Mint GU today and I'm in love! I tolerate most flavors (read I swallow without tasting for fuel), and other flavors are not bad (I don't mind eating these slower), but I actually enjoyed this one. I could eat it all day long! It's a seasonal flavor, so I'm going to need to stock up now to have enough for the marathon in February.

The great news is that I don't have to up the millage for another 4 weeks! This was my last long run as I begin my taper for the OUC 1/2 Marathon. I was able to reschedule the 20 miler so I can have a week to recover from the half marathon and do another 5K.

Here's what my schedule of long run and races looks like for the rest of the year:

  • 11/26 - Turkey Trot 5k - I plan to run the whole thing (no walking) with mom and just have fun
  • 11/28 - 6 miles - I will be in South Florida visiting Jason's mom, so we'll need to find a route and make sure we don't slack off on this. Thankfully, 6 miles is now short enough to run by myself. =)
  • 12/05 - OUC Half Marathon - I'm hoping I can push it a little bit and finish in 2:30.
  • 12/12 - Reindeer Run 5K  - I'm scheduled for 10 this weekend (was 20 but switched to next week), so I may run a short 6 miles on Sun or just add some miles before/after the race. 
  • 12/19 - 20 miles!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horrible Hundred (35)

On Sunday, Nov 15th, I did a 35 mile ride as part of the Horrible Hundred event in Clermont. What makes it so horrible? The damn hills! The ride itself was actually beautiful and the weather was perfect, if a little cold (I wore my arm warmers most of the time). I had a pretty good pace going, averaging 16 mph for the first 7 miles, and was still going strong @ ~15.7 mph until I hit the first big hill at mile 9 and never recovered.

I saw several people walking up the hill and thought that was a brilliant idea, so I followed suit. It was almost as bad walking up it, as it made my calves ache, but at least it didn't feel like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. My total active time was 2:38, which includes my "speed" walking up 3-4 of the hills, so I'm pleased I still managed to average 13+ mph. Whenever I was not climbing or walking up a hill, I was consistently averaging at least 14-15 mph.

The event itself was really well organized. The rest stop was well stocked with oreos, trail mix, PB&J sandwiches, fruit, and even nutella! After the ride, we feasted on lunch (included in the entry fee) of grilled fish, burgers, and brats along with yummy sides. I clearly need more hill practice, but I'll probably do this again next year. One thing is for certain, this will make the 8 mile ride in the tris this spring seem like a walk in the park :) I can't wait!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marathon Training Update = 16 Miles!

Wow! I can't believe I have not posted anything in over a month! (I still need to post my race report from the UCF 5 Miler, but since it didn't go so well I've not been in a hurry. You can read the recap at dailymile).

Marathon training has been a bit frustrating because my knee has been acting up, making me doubt whether I'll be able to make it to the start line without injury. I keep forgetting that training for marathon is more than a physical challenge and it takes a toll emotionally as well. I had a small break down yesterday because of my knee issues, but this morning's 16.1 miles run lifted my spirits and renewed my confidence that I can complete a marathon.

Highlights from today's run:
  • Stats:
    • 16.1 in 3:39:31 @ 13:38 min/mile pace! 
    • I was expecting to average closer to 14 or 14:30 or even 15, so I'm thrilled with this pace -- especially since we ran using 1:1 intervals!
    • Distance PR by 3 miles! 
    • The best part of marathon training is that every 2-3 runs is the furthest/longest run of my life! =)
  • Weather: 
    • The cool weather helped a ton. 
    • I wore my arm warmers for the first 8 miles and was a bit cold when I took them off after that, but the temp was comfortable throughout. 
  • Nutrition: 
    • I tried a Vanilla/Orange GU Roctane Gel before starting, a Plain GU after the first 8 miles, and ate some shotblocks, sports beans, and fruit snacks throughout. I seemed to be always be starving.
    • I still don't love the gels, but they are tolerable and seem to really help fuel these long runs. 
  • Pain: 
    • The knee behaved for the most part. I wore a compression sleeve over it, and that offered enough support to keep it from hurting. 
    • I had a bit of a scare at mile 9ish when I stepped wrong causing a shooting pain on my knee. I immediately stopped and walked, and it seemed to disappear by the next run interval. 
    • The knee was a little achy/sore for the last 4-6 miles, but obviously not a show stopper. 
    • I'm a little sore all over now, but nothing major. On the other hand, the chafing in unusual places sucks!
  • Route:
    • We ran to Brandywines and back for 8 miles, then returned to the school.
    • We then ran 2 miles to Cady Way, 2 miles on the trail, and 2 miles back to the school for a total of 14 miles.
    • I was the only one running 16, so I did an extra loop from the school to the lake and back.
I'm glad next Saturday is low millage so I can recover a bit, but I'm exited for the 18 miler in 2 weeks!
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