Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marathon Training Update = 18 Miles!

Today I ran 18 miles in 4 hrs and 9 minutes at 13:50 min/mile avg pace. This was a challenging run, both physically and mentally, but I made it and have another distance PR by 2 miles!

Unlike the 16 miler 2 weeks ago, which flew by, this run seemed to take forever. I struggled mentally to get through the first half, and it wasn't until mile 10 that I felt I had made some progress. I seemed to get a second wind after that, at least mentally, but then my legs started getting tired and achy. The last 5 miles (or maybe 8 miles -- everything is kind running together in my head) were outright painful. Not a "I'm hurt and should stop" kind of painful, just general muscle fatigue. At least the knees behaved and the new shorts kept the chafing away. I finished this run out of cheer will to stay on schedule, and felt great when I was done. I don't hurt as bad any more, but I'm still a bit sore -- especially my feet and when I flex them.

I ate a GU Roctane before starting, then 2 others during the run and about 3 shot blocks. I tried the Chocolate Mint GU today and I'm in love! I tolerate most flavors (read I swallow without tasting for fuel), and other flavors are not bad (I don't mind eating these slower), but I actually enjoyed this one. I could eat it all day long! It's a seasonal flavor, so I'm going to need to stock up now to have enough for the marathon in February.

The great news is that I don't have to up the millage for another 4 weeks! This was my last long run as I begin my taper for the OUC 1/2 Marathon. I was able to reschedule the 20 miler so I can have a week to recover from the half marathon and do another 5K.

Here's what my schedule of long run and races looks like for the rest of the year:

  • 11/26 - Turkey Trot 5k - I plan to run the whole thing (no walking) with mom and just have fun
  • 11/28 - 6 miles - I will be in South Florida visiting Jason's mom, so we'll need to find a route and make sure we don't slack off on this. Thankfully, 6 miles is now short enough to run by myself. =)
  • 12/05 - OUC Half Marathon - I'm hoping I can push it a little bit and finish in 2:30.
  • 12/12 - Reindeer Run 5K  - I'm scheduled for 10 this weekend (was 20 but switched to next week), so I may run a short 6 miles on Sun or just add some miles before/after the race. 
  • 12/19 - 20 miles!

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