Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marathon Training Update = 16 Miles!

Wow! I can't believe I have not posted anything in over a month! (I still need to post my race report from the UCF 5 Miler, but since it didn't go so well I've not been in a hurry. You can read the recap at dailymile).

Marathon training has been a bit frustrating because my knee has been acting up, making me doubt whether I'll be able to make it to the start line without injury. I keep forgetting that training for marathon is more than a physical challenge and it takes a toll emotionally as well. I had a small break down yesterday because of my knee issues, but this morning's 16.1 miles run lifted my spirits and renewed my confidence that I can complete a marathon.

Highlights from today's run:
  • Stats:
    • 16.1 in 3:39:31 @ 13:38 min/mile pace! 
    • I was expecting to average closer to 14 or 14:30 or even 15, so I'm thrilled with this pace -- especially since we ran using 1:1 intervals!
    • Distance PR by 3 miles! 
    • The best part of marathon training is that every 2-3 runs is the furthest/longest run of my life! =)
  • Weather: 
    • The cool weather helped a ton. 
    • I wore my arm warmers for the first 8 miles and was a bit cold when I took them off after that, but the temp was comfortable throughout. 
  • Nutrition: 
    • I tried a Vanilla/Orange GU Roctane Gel before starting, a Plain GU after the first 8 miles, and ate some shotblocks, sports beans, and fruit snacks throughout. I seemed to be always be starving.
    • I still don't love the gels, but they are tolerable and seem to really help fuel these long runs. 
  • Pain: 
    • The knee behaved for the most part. I wore a compression sleeve over it, and that offered enough support to keep it from hurting. 
    • I had a bit of a scare at mile 9ish when I stepped wrong causing a shooting pain on my knee. I immediately stopped and walked, and it seemed to disappear by the next run interval. 
    • The knee was a little achy/sore for the last 4-6 miles, but obviously not a show stopper. 
    • I'm a little sore all over now, but nothing major. On the other hand, the chafing in unusual places sucks!
  • Route:
    • We ran to Brandywines and back for 8 miles, then returned to the school.
    • We then ran 2 miles to Cady Way, 2 miles on the trail, and 2 miles back to the school for a total of 14 miles.
    • I was the only one running 16, so I did an extra loop from the school to the lake and back.
I'm glad next Saturday is low millage so I can recover a bit, but I'm exited for the 18 miler in 2 weeks!

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