Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race Report: U Can Finish 5 Miler

I had some lofty goals for this race, and I didn't even come close to reaching them :( I was hoping to average an 11 min/mile pace and finish in 55 minutes; if not, at least I wanted a PR and beat last year's time of 57:24; towards the end of the race, I was just hoping for a sub-1 hour and that I wasn't seriously injured.

I was hoping the cold weather (50s!) would help me reach my first goal, but I think it may have actually hindered me because I have not run in cold weather in months. I started slow, around 11:30, and tried to pick it up after mile 2. I succeeded for a bit and mile 3 was my fastest at 11:09, but I just could not push my legs to go any faster after that. During the last mile, my left knee and lower leg (shin?) started hurting and I got a wicked side stich, causing me to slow down considerably and take additional walk breaks. I couldn't even sprint to the finish because anything more than a jog hurt. Since I knew my goals were already out of reach, there was no sense in pushing myself and risking a major injury.

Oh well, at least I'm still standing and the knee probably just needs rest. I don't think I will race again until the OUC Half Marathon so I can focus on marathon training and avoid injury. I must keep my eye on the prize and not jeopardize my chance of making it to the start of my first marathon.

  • 11:44 
  • 12:00 
  • 11:09 
  • 12:17 
  • 13:08

  • Garmin =  5.13 mi in 01:02 @ 12:04 pace
  • Clock Time = 1:02:17
  • Chip Time = 1:01:33
  • Overall place = 852 / 918
  • Female place = 395 / 438
  • AG place = 52 / 60

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