Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 49 Recap

This was a nice recovery week where I just enjoyed being active. I ran 3 times, and they were all pure joy. The focus was on enjoying the run with friends and it was a blast. It was nice not having a prescribed workout and exploring new routes. I even managed to bike a little, to and from the run, and it felt great being on my bike again. I didn't walk as much as the previous week because I didn't do any walking on the weekend, but every weekday I walked at least 3 miles and some even 4.

The star of this week was yoga with 4 hours over 9 sessions! That means I did yoga twice on some days, even if some were only for 10 minutes, and it really helped keep me energized throughout the week. This morning I overslept so I didn't get to do my morning yoga, and I felt really lethargic and stressed all day. I know my body needed the extra sleep, but I really feel much better when I start the day with some exercise so I need to keep making that a priority.

This week I'm trying to focus on eating plenty of fruits and veggies. I can earn an additional point for the HBBC challenge everyday that I eat at least 7 servings of fruits and veggies, and this is a lot harder then I thought even as a vegetarian. I really think I'm counting wrong because I've been keeping track the last few days and the most I've eaten is today at 5.5 cups. I've lost my lead, but I'm going to keep at it -- I think some participants are mislabeled and should really be in the advanced category. But it's all good because I am doing this for me, having fun being more active and focusing on healthy eating to balance all the challenges of parties and eating out that the holiday season brings.

I get to run long again this Saturday, and I'm super excited! I LOVE slow long runs and I get see several from my group do their longest run ever. That's always really exciting.

Week Summary:
  • ran 18 miles
  • walked 17 miles
  • biked 11 miles
  • 9 yoga sessions; 4 hours
  • HBBC Week 3: 54.5 points

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