Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 48 Recap

I cannot believe it's already December and there are only 4 weeks left in 2011. This was marathon recovery week, and yet I ran 18 miles including a half marathon race, and walked 20 miles! But really, I took very good care of myself because I was not even sore before or after the race and I still finished with a decent time without pushing myself at all. The extra walking was part of active recovery, and I did plenty of yoga and massage stick too. I'm feeling great, both physically and mentally, and I'm already itching to race again. No worries, I'm taking it easy this week and won't be racing again until the new year (unless I can find holiday 5k I can fit into my training schedule)

Last Week's Accomplishments

  • ran 18 miles, including the OUC half marathon
  • walked 20 miles - I'm pretty sure this is the most I've ever walked in a single week.
  • 5 yoga sessions; 1hr, 40m
  • biked 8 miles! I know this isn't much, but I've basically haven't biked in 6 months loll

Goals for this week:

  • walk 3 miles each day
  • run 15 miles (3x)
  • yoga/core/strength - at least 10 minutes per day; 7 sessions; 1-2 hours
  • bike - just get on my bike

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