Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Well, Christmas part I is over and I'm exhausted. Only 3 more to go : ) I'm going to make this short and mostly pictures because I'm tired and have to be up early tomorrow to drive down to South Florida for Christmas 2 & 3. I started the day with a great 10K fun run I hosted for my running group. It was great to see everyone in their festive outfits and hear all the jingle bells as we ran through the streets of downtown Orlando. Everyone seemed to enjoy the route and had a good time. After some last minute shopping and wrapping presents, we headed to my parent's for Chirstmas part I. It was fun and exhausting as always to see the kids and the rest of the family.

Running group after 10K fun run
The Family
Jason getting frisky
Affection bottled up for mom =)
The last photo here is part of mom's present. When I was talking to her earlier in the week about what she wanted, she said she didn't want anything, only "cariƱitos" (affection). So I joked that I'd bottled it up and wrap it up for her. She joked back to fill it with "besitos" (kisses). So I did = ) She loved it. Yay!

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