Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Five: Top Running Gear

These are my top 5 pieces of running gear that I have with me on every run.

iPhone with Runmeter
After my Garmin stopped working, I spent a few dollars on an iPhone app before investing $80 to fix it, and it has worked out well this season. My dad lent me his for the marathon and I've used it on some training runs recently, but I prefer Runmeter because I can post my workout to Dailymile as soon as I'm done with 1 step. I also like carrying my phone on long runs for safety in case I need to call someone (like if I loose my car keys) or look at the map when I take a wrong turn :) 
Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra
Ever since I started running in these skirts,
I do not want to run in anything else.
They are so comfortable and stylish. 

Bondi Band
I love these headbands for keeping my hair and sweat off my face,
and I love the witty sayings. I wear different ones depending
 on the outfit I'm wearing and how I feel that day. 

Road ID
I finally bought a road ID when I started
biking to work regularly, but I never run without it. 
Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra
This is just a necessity when you are a girl :)
I wear Target C9 bras for most of my mid-week runs,
but wear this one for long runs and races.

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