Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fitness Update: -17.4 lbs in 98 days

-17.4 lbs in 98 days
Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weight: 135.2
Current Weight: 134.6
Weight Loss: -.6
Total Lost: -17.4 lbs in 98 days
BMI: 24.6
Current Goal: 130 (mini goal: 20+ total loss)
Lbs to go: 4.6 (2.6 to mini goal)

Not a huge loss, but not bad considering it's that time of the month, I ate out several times last week (Buca di Beppo, Sweet Tomatoes twice, Disney) and went to a BBQ. I only rode my bike twice to and from work since the last weigh-in, but continued with my every other day runs (C25K). I've been slacking on weight lifting and yoga, so I need to pick that back up.

I joined the Healthy You Challange and Up for the Challenge to help me in my journey. It is great to hear about the success of others and share mine. I think I am also going to do this Virtual 5K and we may organize our own at the Couch to 5K Community. What a great idea!

I completed W6D2 of C25K yesterday, my last interval run. From here on out, I'll be doing increasingly longer runs from 25-30 minutes (and beyond until I reach 3.1 miles). I am excited and anxious.

I decided to keep track of weekly goals and accomplishments. So here goes the first installment.

Goals for the upcoming week:
- Run 25 minutes without walking (C25K Week 7)
- Run 1.5 - 1.75 miles without walking
- Bike at least 16 miles (4 days to/from work)
- Light weights at least 2 days
- Do yoga at least 1 day
- Do kickboxing at least 1 day

Accomplishments this week:
- Workout Log
- Food Log
- I weigh less than 135 lbs (I am no longer overweight)
- I fit into size 4/6 pants (down from 10/12)
- I can run a mile without walking
- I ran 20 minutes without walking (~ about 1.5 miles)
- I finished a 5K in less than 42 minutes (ran ~ 1/2 - 3/4 of the race)
- I continue to inspire people to start C25K or their own exercise program


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the running! You'll be at your goal in no time!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! I hope so :)

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