Friday, May 2, 2008

Fitness Update: -16.8 in 91 days (3 mo)

Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weigh-in: 136.2
Current Weigh-in: 135.2
Weight Difference: -1
Total Weight Loss: -16.8 in 91 days (3 mo)
Current Goal: 130 lbs (5.2 lbs to go)

I am no longer overweight! Yay! Actually, I miscalculated and anything below 136.4 is normal for my height, albeit on the high end. Since I am so close to my 135 lbs goal (and I actually weighed less than that at one point this week), I'm setting a new goal of 130 lbs, with a mini goal of 20+ lbs total loss.

I think I may stop posting weigh-in updates (or do them less often when I show a significant loss or meet a goal); I need to put less stock in these now that I am more active and building muscle. I need to focus on inches instead and the fact that I can now wear size 6 pants (depending on the store, I can also wear size 2 and 4). I used to be a size 10/12 when I started this, so this is awesome.

My activity since last weigh-in: C25K 2mi run/walk every other day, 4mi bike 4 days, lift weights 2 days (I've been slacking on my strength training, so I need to do a bit more here).

Tomorrow is the next 5k at Epcot, and I am so ready! It will coincide with W5D3, in which I run 20 minutes straight. I am actually looking forward to this and a day at Disney afterwards.

Read W5D2 Update.

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