Monday, May 19, 2008


Today's run went much better. It was overcast, so that made it nice and cool. I did not feel out of breath at all; my legs just felt a little tired at the end but I finished strong and didn't feel ill at the end. I didn't cover as much distance today, but that is ok because the run felt great. (I also wonder if the overcast weather conflicted with the GPS and my data today is not quite accurate, but whatever.) I think instead of 28 minutes on Wednesday, I am going to run 2 miles regardless of the time. I think it will only take me 1 or 2 more minutes.

I can't believe I only have 4 more runs before I am a C25K graduate! Of course, I won't be running 3 miles by that time, but I will be running 30 minutes and that is good enough for me! :) I'm hoping it will probably only take a couple of more weeks after that to get to the 5k distance. I have a 5k this weekend, which I am actually not that thrilled about since I'll be going up there alone, but I'll make the best of it. I have another 5k 3 weeks later and I am hoping to be able to run the entire time then.


Run Only
Time: 28 min
Distance: 1.9 miles
Avg pace: 14:45
Best pace: 10:16
Cal: 133

Total w/Warm up & Cool Down
Time: 44:13
Distance: 2.76 miles
Avg pace: 16:02
Best pace: 10:16
Cal: 197

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