Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tweet What You Eat

Tweet What You Eat (TWYE) is a very simply food diary that you can update from twitter, which means you can log what you eat from IM or your cell phone. I use it because I just want something simple without the bells and whistles and I can update it in a snap from Quicksilver on my Mac. It doesn't have food look up or anything like that, but I use the USDA website to get that data (or read it from the package). Lately I just keep track of what I eat without the calories; I just find all that calorie counting exhausting and never use the data for anything. But if you do, then there is a place for that here. The site can record what you eat, the date, calories, and time you post it. It has a nice print version and you can also download a spreadsheet of the data.

You can see my food diary at http://tweetwhatyoueat.com/diary/user/kitzzy and my twitter account at http://twitter.com/kitzzy

Anyone else use twitter?

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