Monday, May 5, 2008


I wasn't feeling well this morning so I was going to postpone today's run until tomorrow. It would give me 2 rest days after the 5K and because I have a buffer day, W9D1 would still coincide with my next 5K. I was feeling better so decided to give it a try tonight once the sun started going down.

First of all, what the hell is up with the music in this day's podrunner podcast? The warmup song was awful. I couldn't stand that guy saying that line over and over and over. I was so glad when the chime went off to start running so I'd have something else to focus on. Once the intervals are over, I am using my own music.

Anyway, I decided not to take my watch today. I wanted to focus on getting through this and not worry too much about time. That worked out pretty good. I probably won't do that too often, but it's nice every now and then. The runs went well and not having the watch helped me focus on the run instead of how long I had left.

I also tried out the running skirt tonight. It was ok, but I hate feeling my thighs rub together. I wore Blister Block so there is no chafing, but I don't think I will feel comfortable wearing it again until my inner thighs slim down.

Just one more interval run to go, then is all running all the time! w00t! I've come a long way.


radiosilents said...

Congrats on your awesome efforts! It's been really nice having a virtual running buddy in you, by the way. Maybe someday we can run a race together! :)

Keep up the good work.

Kitzzy said...


It really does help having someone else to share these with who is going through the same at the same time. It would be so neat to meet everyone in the community and do a race together. Enough people seem to want to do the Disney races, so that may be a good meeting place.

Anonymous said...

So cool to find new blogs of people that are a couple weeks ahead of me now. Inspiring! Nice to meet you.

Kitzzy said...

Nice to meet you too. I'll be sure to check out your blog. Keep up the good work on the program. It truly works.

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