Monday, May 26, 2008

True Meatless Monday

I have been trying really hard these past few days to eat more fruit and veggies. I have had great success, but today was the jackpot because it snuck up on me. Without even trying, I ended up eating no meat today -- not even seafood!

I had planned to make a tofu stir fry for dinner, but after the run I didn't feel like cooking. This was fine because we had leftovers and all the fixings for a salad. Jason chopped some onions and carrots for the salad, and I warmed up some chicken and rice. While the leftovers were heating up, I spruce up my salad with some green olives, feta cheese, and cashews (instead of croutons). I found the salad so tasty that I didn't even want the chicken. Then I remembered it was Meatless Monday and I hadn't yet eaten any meat so I thought I'd keep it up. I feel so great after my run and that salad.

Here is what I had today:

breakfast: 1/3c egg beaters & 1 morning star veggie sausage patty
lunch: Pita Pizza (had to introduce Jason to it, and I am still in love with it)
dinner: salad (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, green olives, red onions, cashews, greek dressing)
- chips ahoy crisps
- special K granola bites
- strawberry shortcake
- banana

We also went to the movies today and that is when I had the chips ahoy crisps and granola bites that I brought with me and a bottle of water. I was going to buy some cookie dough bites, because they were $1 with a coupon they gave me, but Jason tore it up so I wouldn't. *lol* I was kinda ticked because I wanted a taste and was going to save the rest, but he is right I didn't need them.

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