Monday, May 5, 2008

Meatless Monday - Day 2

I had another successful Meatless Monday:
  • Breakfast: quaker oatmeal bar, banana
  • Lunch: white rice, tuna and pesto sauce
  • Dinner: Steamed Snow Crab and veggy salad
I snacked an awful lot during the day, but I don't feel like listing them all. They were all meatless though.

One advantage of meatless Monday is that it usually leads to at least one meatless meal the next day from leftovers. So maybe there is something to this starting the week off right thing. Not to mention, it is going to force me to try new things so I don't get bored with Tilapia and tuna every week :)


radiosilents said...

I love this idea of meatless Monday! I think I may try it myself, just to mix things up a bit. I think if I lived on my own I would have plenty of meatless days, but my guy is a typical meat and potatoes guy -- well, now it's chicken and potatoes, but nonetheless...

It's fun seeing what other people have to eat.

Kitzzy said...

Well, do you do all the cooking? =P My guy has no choice but he is open to it. In fact, he has lost weight without much exercise mainly because he is forced to eat better since I cook more often and healthier.

I am very much a meat and potatoes gal myself, but I am trying really hard to expand my horizons because I get bored of cooking/eating the same things week to week. I am having to get really creative to keep up Meatless Monday because I know very few meatless recipes. I am a picky eater but I am learning to embrace veggies.

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