Friday, May 30, 2008

Fitness Update: -20 lbs in 120 days

day165: -20 lbs in 120 days
Starting Weight: 152 (1/29/08)
Previous Weight: 133
Current Weight: 132
Weight Loss: -1
Total Loss: -20 in 120 days
Current Goal: 130
Lbs to go: 2

This has been a great week! I completed the C25K program (though I am redoing a few weeks to get up to the 3 miles mark), I fit into a size 2 skirt, and I lost another pound--meeting my mini goal of 20 pounds lost! That is incredible. To think, in early 2007 I was 160 lbs (probably more but that is the highest I have recorded). I was almost obese. To this day, I have no idea how this happened; but I vow never to let it happen again. I should check with my doctor and see what the highest weight she has recorded for me is. I bet it was higher than 160.

I mostly focused on the running this week and only got to ride my bike to work twice. I still neglected weight lifting and yoga, so I lowered that goal to just one day each this coming week. I should really be able to fit that in somewhere. I've been doing a bit of yoga before and after each run, but my body feels tired and really needs a full yoga session.

Accomplishments this week:
- Completed my 3rd 5k
- Ran 30 minutes--C25k Week 9--without walking (3 times)
- Ran 2.31 miles without walking
- Ran/walk 12.6 miles total
- Biked 9 miles total
- Fit into a size 2 skirt
- Lost 1 pound
- Met mini goal: 20 lbs lost

Goals for the upcoming week:
- Run 2.5 miles without walking
- Bike at least 12 miles
- Run/walk at least 10 miles
- Lift weights at least 1 day
- Yoga at least 1 day
- Eat out at most twice

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Girl with a Problem said...

Wow what a great week! You have done an amazing job at setting smart goals and achieving them.

I know you will be running 2.5 miles next week, and 3 soon after.

Have a great weekend - and thanks for all the nice comments over at my place.


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