Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I did not want to get up today. I woke up around 6:30 a.m. (same as usual) but I refused to get out of bed because it looked too dark outside. I need to realize that there is plenty of light and that by the time I get ready it will be perfect. It's really just a mind game. So I didn't get to start running until after 8 a.m. which means it was too warm and that makes it harder for me to keep up with my breathing.

I still completed the 25-minute run with about the same distance as last time (1.77 miles). The run itself went fairly well, except for when I wasn't in the shade. Thankfully, I had no side stitches today. I pushed it a little during the last minute and I probably shouldn't do that because then I feel like crap when I stop. I felt a little dizzy, but I was fine by the time I finished my cool down walk. I doubt I'll get to 2 miles in 25 minutes before the week ends, but that is ok. I'll probably finish the program at 2.5 miles and then just add time to the end until I can do 3 miles then work on speed. Still loving the watch :)


Holly said...

Welcome to the HYC Challenge! Sounds like you are doing great with your activity and your runs. A side note about side stiches - I just read yesterday that they are caused by breathing to high up in your chest (too shallowly). Make sure you are breathing deeply and you shouldn't get them anymore. I always had the problem with stiches and now that I focus on breathing from my belly, no more problems! Have a wonderful week!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks for stopping by Holly. Yeah I have learned to breath and had not had any side stitches for weeks, but Sunday I did for some reason and on the left side, which had never happened before. I think it may be because I was rushed and not focusing enough on my breathing.

irunbehind said...

hi- we've started HYC at the same time. looks like you have had amazing progress since Feb! Congrats. Lots of people have GREAT success w/ C25k! Have a great week!

Girl with a Problem said...

Hi Kitzzy, I just stumbled across your blog for the first time this morning and I've already put it in my 'daily' list.

I'm a beginning runner. I am only up to 2 min run/1 min walk intervals (x10) - getting ready to bump up to 3/1's, but I think I am hooked. I LOVE reading the blogs of others who are new at running. It's so inspiring and I get so much great info. I will be coming back to read over your earlier posts about running to see if I can learn from any of your experiences. I am also going to look into that Garmin watch thing - that's awesome.

CONGRATS on your achievements for the week. I am thinking of putting a fitness goals section on my own blog, since really this is about so much more than weight loss in the end.

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