Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today's run was great. It is amazing how much weather can affect your performance. I got up closer to 7 this morning, did some pre-run yoga posses to warm up, then headed out. It was nice and cool out, which made the run very pleasant and keeping up with my breathing very easy. I am still only covering 1.75 miles, but I felt like I had a good pace the whole time. It actually felt pretty good when I sped up during the last 5-10 minutes.

The way I setup the splits in my watch makes it hard to figure out my overall pace from the online data, but I'll look into crunching the numbers tonight. I think my pace for the first mile was 14-14.5 and about 1 minute less for the .75 miles (last 10 minutes). For my next run I am setting up a custom workout with the whole run portion as one lap; I split it into 2 this time so it would alert me when I had 10 minutes left to pick up the pace a bit, but I can just look at the watch when I think its been long enough. I run about the same route, so this won't be too hard.

I tried the 20 mintue Yoga for Runners from YogaDownload after my run. It was nice, even though there are some poses I can't do yet. I am not sure I will do this after every run because it takes so long, but I'll do it at least on the weekends and try these Post-Run Yoga Stretches for the other days.

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