Saturday, April 30, 2011

Run Therapy and Brick/Duathlon Workout

I set my alarm last night to get up this morning in time to run at 6 am with the Galloway group, but I woke up at 4:30 am so I shuffled out of bed, got ready and met the group at 5 am instead. I'm so glad I did because it was a gorgeous morning with brisk cool weather and I would not have wanted to miss any of it. I was a bundle of energy this morning and managed to do my own little 3 hour duathlon. It was an amazing workout and I felt really strong the entire time! Bring on this duathlon! :)

9 Mile LSD Run
As I mentioned earlier, this has been a crazy busy week, so I was really looking forward to a long slow run  with great company. We started with 4 miles, then returned to GMS where I ate 2 shot blocks and drank some water before heading back out for another 2 with Carol and Christine. I was a bundle of energy and felt fantastic, so I went out for another 3 on my own. I ran a total of 9 miles @ 11:58 m/m pace using 2:1 intervals. Splits:

I had a 30 minute break after the 9 mile run while I drove home, refueled and changed. I was going to ride in my running clothes, but I was afraid I'd freeze because my clothes were soaking wet and it was still cool out, so I quickly changed clothes and rode out before I lost the momentum and endorphins I earned on the run.

18 Mile Bike w/6 Hill Repeats
I rode from my apartment to the Cady Way trail then to the bridge and back including 6 hill repeats on Mt Cady. I pushed really hard on the trail and let loose on the down hills to make up for slowing down on the up hills. Mt Cady doesn't begin to compare to the Clermont hills, but it was a great hill workout. I had a ton of energy and didn't even need to downshift going up the bridge a few times. I'm thrilled I averaged 15.5 mph for the 18 miles, including those 6 hill repeats, and I seemed to get even faster during the 2nd half of the ride. Splits:

I took 2 minutes to transition off the bike, changes shoes, eat 2 shot blocks and chug some water, then I was off on run #2. 

5k Run
When I first started running, I everything hurt, but that didn't last. I originally planned to run 2 miles just to get the feel for the brick, specially since I had already run 9 in the morning, but I was feeling really good and the pain stops after a mile so I pushed to a full 5K. I even added a few small hills to the mix! I ran with 2/1 intervals the whole time, and I still felt like I could keep running forever. I'm very pleased that I averaged 11:30 m/m, specially after having already run 9 miles this morning and biked 18 miles. Splits:

Cool Down
Since I throughly abused my body this morning, I wanted to make sure I stretched well. I did about 13 minutes of yoga with a tiny bit of core and upper body strength mixed in. I've really been neglecting yoga and core work lately, but I need to make it a priority again to stay injury free if I'm going to keep abusing my body like this :) 

I showered and had an epic homemade breakfast of eggs, homestyle fries, veggie bacon and toast. I still had lots of residual energy and talked Jason's ear off. Now I'm doing some laundry and fatigue is finally starting to set in. I see a nap in my future after I finish the laundry to recharge before going to a party tonight. 

This was just the workout I needed to release some stress and build my confidence for this duathlon. I can't wait for the race! =)

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