Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was a great day. I was still busy as hell, but I made running a priority before starting my workday and it really set the tone for the rest of the day. I initially planned to run home from the bus, but I knew that it would be hot (or raining) after work, so I changed into running clothes as soon as I got to work and took advantage of the cool(er) morning. It felt great! I'm really glad I didn't bike to work and ran instead, because I really needed a run. It was like a mental reset and recharged my batteries to continue dealing with the busyness at work.

A ton of projects are converging at work, which is why I've been so busy keeping all the balls in the air for my team, but I honestly prefer this because it makes the time at work fly. It does take a mental toll, but I'll get to sleep in this weekend and tomorrow is a rest day so it's ok. I'm actually working on a project with Jason, which is rare. Even though we've worked in the same department for over a decade, long before we became a couple, we rarely interact professionally at work unless I need tech support for my mac. He is a software developer and the mac sys admin, while I'm a project manager and instructional designer/developer. Our paths rarely cross, except for when I use one of the products he's developed, but I'm now the project manager in one of his development projects. I will be developing some documentation for it, and will be doing a presentation to faculty with him. It's a nice change to collaborate on a project, and I'm really excited to see it launch.

As I mentioned, tomorrow will be a rest day unless I get up early enough to do yoga before we catch the bus to work. The weekend will be really busy, but it should be fun filled with parties, brick workouts, running, cycling, geocaching, and who knows what else :)

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