Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Race Recovery & Geocaching Streak

#1 - Race Recovery: I woke up feeling like I got run over by a bus, so I stayed home from work. I slept until 10:30 am! That is unheard of for me and I've no idea when was the last time I slept past 7 am, but it was just want my body needed because I feel much better now. I didn't do yoga like I wanted to because of sleeping in, but I did ride about 4 miles to run a few errands. The easy spin may have actually helped. It sure was hot though and very windy. The foot and knee are feeling much better, but the foot is still giving me a little trouble. I don't plan to run again until the Corporate 5K on Thursday and will play it by ear until the Run for the Trees 5K on the 23rd. I do need to run a magic mile sometime this month, but I want to wait until I'm in the best possible shape to give it my all.

#2 - Geocaching Streak:  I was going to stop my geocaching streak at 10 days, mainly because finding a cache daily will become harder the longer I do this unless I have time to drive/ride to a new area. However, since I was home and already out running some errands, I decided to go find a nearby cache that was only available on weekdays during business hours at the Downtown Orlando visitor's center. I never knew this building was there and it's a great idea for a cache. So that makes 11 days in a row. Now I feel like I have to make it to 2 weeks. lol I think I'm a little obsessed :)

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