Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazing Saturday

Today was a lovely day. I slept in instead of meeting my Galloway group and ran 5 miles (details on Dailymile) on my own around 9 am. My PF was acting up yesterday, and my calves were painfully tight, so I wanted to run my own pace and close to home in case I had to cut it short. I soaked in a warm epson salt bath last night, massaged them with the stick and then by hand with Biofreeze, and they felt better this morning. I taped the foot, put on my calves sleeves, and was on my way. Overall, it was a good and uneventful last long run before Sunday's Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater.

After showering and eating some brunch, I did some laundry then biked 2.5 miles to Massage Envy at SODO for a sports massage. It was amazing and just what I needed. I think I'll be asking for this masseuse by name next time. I stopped by Target before heading back and got some pink arguile knee high socks to complete my race outfit. I'll post a pic when my hot pink team sparkle traveling skirt arrives. 

By the time I got back, it was close to dinner time, so Jason and I cooked yummy zucchini pasta bake and watched Doctor Who while we ate dinner and homemade ice cream. Not wanting to waste this amazing weather inside, we went for a 2.6 mile walk around downtown Orlando. We made a few stops along the day to find a few nearby geocaches and get some froyo at Mochi. We spent the rest of the evening watching more Doctor Who episodes. 

Last night was UCF's Relay for Life. This year's theme was "Cruising for a Cure" and each site was a  ports of call. Our department, always thinking outside the box, chose the moon. Our wonderful graphic artist Victor drew amazing artwork resembling a postcard from the moon, and we cut holes in 4 of the faces for people to put their head through and have their photo taken. It was a big hit! We also sold moon pies. Our team's creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me. 

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