Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Health

#1) Dentist - On top of an upset stomach and headache, I was having a bit of a toothache and pain along my jawline that I kept ignoring. (Deja vu anyone?) So I went to the dentist this morning to have it checked out and he redid 2 of my fillings. Apparently it's normal to need them replaced every 7 years or so. He also readjusted the bite on my crown once again because it is still super sensitive to cold. These were the probable cause of the dull headache I've had the past few days and possibly even my upset stomach. He had to use quite a bit of novocaine so I had a numb mouth through mid-afternoon and was barely able to eat anything for lunch except some bread.

#2) Doctor - I finally found a new Primary Care Physician so I can stop going to the urgent care clinic. I've been wanting to get a full physical and blood work done to make sure my new meatless diet is giving me all the nutrients I need. I already adore my new doctor. She is very animated and thorough. We talked at length about my medical history and she congratulated me on my healthy lifestyle, then ordered all kinds of blood work. I narrowly avoided getting a tetanus shot -- I need one because it's been over 10 years since my last one (I actually don't think I've ever had one). Apparently it can cause lingering muscle soreness for up to a week, so I asked to do it next time as I didn't want another thing to deal with during Sunday's race. Next time I wont be so lucky.

#3) Misc - On my way home form the doctor, I found a geocache in the area and thus continued my streak (6 days so far). I stopped at Track Shack to pick up my team's race numbers and shirts for the Corporate 5K. We have 29 registered for our team, so it's a pretty big box. It was pretty late by the time I got home, so I chilled for a bit before I started dinner of Vegetarian Korma with perfect brown rice and warm naan. I timed it perfectly and it was ready just as Jason got out of the shower after biking home. Now we're prepping for teaching tomorrow's Cycling Savvy classroom session. Just one more day and we head to Clearwater for the expo and race. I'm getting excited! :)

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