Monday, April 11, 2011

It has been a long day and I'm exhausted, so this will be a quick bulleted post.
  • I took the day off from work to recover from yesterday's race, but didn't really get to rest as I hoped.
  • I slept in a little, but I had a hard time sleeping soundly last night because I was so sore.
  • My right knee and foot felt a lot better this morning, but being out all day cycling and walking didn't help.
  • We rode to Winter Park this morning to attend a Complete Streets Workshop. This was a very eye opening and somewhat frustrating experience.
  • After the workshop, we rode to Big Frog to pick up the Corporate 5k team shirts, then had dinner with Keri at Ethos Vegan Kitchen.
  • We found a geocache across the street from Ethos at Gaston Edwards Park, thus completing my 10 day streak
  • We finished our day's adventures with a stop at the Audubon Farmer's Market for some eggs before riding home, for a total of 13 miles ridden today.

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