Monday, April 18, 2011

Unreasonable Doubt

After having a great run on Saturday, I've been looking forward to when I'd get to run again today. I woke up early before my alarm and did 30 minutes of yoga for core strength. That was a great start to my day, but it seemed to degrade from there.

Jason needed to take his bike to the shop for repairs, so we drove to work. I find that my stress levels are higher when we drive, even if it means I get to sleep later and get home earlier. Work was frustrating, so I wasn't in the best frame of mind when I left work. It was hot by the time I got home, so I waited until the sun went down a bit to start my run around 7 p.m. This meant a very late dinner, and I don't like eating this close to bed. I don't run as well in the afternoons as in the mornings, but it never occurred to me to run before work since I don't usually have time to when I take the bus to work. D'oh! The run was rough, even though I ran mostly in the shade to avoid the heat, but it was still pretty humid. I struggled to average just under 11 min/mi pace, and it shattered my confidence about Saturday's 5K a bit.

I know the conditions will (hopefully) be way different -- cooler temp, race day adrenaline, good warm up (we'll bike 6.5 mi to start), gu roctane w/caffeine before the start, Jason pacing me -- but I can't help but doubt myself. I keep going back and forth about whether to try to run the whole thing minus the water stops, just walk after every mile (and water stops), or do some other kind of interval. I think I'm going to use 4:1 intervals since that's the closest to what I did when Jason and I had that speedy run and I think anything else will really mess with my head and I'll defeat myself mentally before I can give it my all.

I know I'm being ridiculous and putting undue stress on myself for nothing, but if I can't be irrational on my blog on race week, where can I? :)

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