Monday, April 25, 2011

Rest Day

Other than walking to and from the bus stop, I didn't do any exercise today. I woke up late and thus had no time for yoga. I was feeling worn out and sluggish -- I'm sure the gloomy weather contributed to this -- so I skipped my run after work too. I at least was a bit productive, and then watched more Doctor Who/Torchwood. I plan to bike to work tomorrow, so it was probably for the best. And after the super active week I had last week, I needed the extra rest day. Here's what I did last week:


  • ran 9 miles
  • biked 96 miles
  • walked 4 miles
  • total 109 miles / 10.5 hours
Daily Breakdown:
  • Mon - ran 3 miles; 40m yoga
  • Tue - biked 33 miles
  • Wed - ran 5K; biked 7 miles
  • Thu - biked 32 miles
  • Fri - walked 2.5 miles
  • Sat - ran 5k race; biked 13 miles; walked 2 miles
  • Sun - biked 10 miles w/hills

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