Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frustrations this Week

So here is what inspired yesterday's post:

On Friday, I woke up with painfully tight calves and the PF on my right foot was really bothering me. After being on my feet at Relay for Life for a while, I couldn't take it anymore and went home to deal with it. I soaked in a warm epson bath, massaged them with the stick, and then by hand with some biofreeze. I went to bed hoping I'd be able to run the next day.

I woke up on Saturday in time to meet my running group, but opted for extra rest and ran on my own later so I could run at my own pace and cut it short if I needed to. I ran 5 easy miles without incident with the support of some KT Tape and my calves sleeves. I thought I was good to go. I walked a bit on Sunday and it was bothering me towards the end of the day, but nothing major.

When I woke up on Monday, my foot was still hurting so I skipped my run because I know I'm ready for Sunday's race and nothing I do this week will really help my performance, but it could certainly hurt it if I make things worse with the foot. We went to Sports Authority that night to get a roll of KT Tape in hopes that I could run on Tuesday. Jason taped my foot and I slept with it and my night splint.

The foot felt better Tuesday morning, but I did not. I've been focusing on core and doing lots of yoga/stretching instead, and my foot and calves feel back to normal, but I still have not been able to run because I've been battling tummy issues. Needless to say, running and having my stomach bounce around was out of the question.

So I'm really frustrated that I have not been able to run this week and I have a race on Sunday, but I know that I will be fine. I ran a half marathon in October after not running at all for 2 whole weeks. So I think I'll be fine since I ran a half marathon a month ago, 10 miles 2 weeks ago, a 10K last weekend, and 5 miles this weekend (plus 2-3 additional mid-week runs each week). I hate that I've already settled for not having the best race. Of course I'll still give it my all, but I will be content with just finishing pain free (although deep down I hope I do better than that lol).

”team My Hot Pink Team Sparkle Traveling Skirt arrived today. It's super short! and very cheer and very pink lol I have shorts I can wear underneath, but I am still struggling with what top to wear. I have a tight fitting black shirt that really makes the skirt pop, but I feel like that's so boring and really long for the tiny skirt. If I'm not going to race hard I want to at least have ridiculous fun! I had bought some knee high socks, but they don't really match as well as I thought. I could wear black ones, but again that's no fun. Though I may run in my calve sleeves just in case, so that would solve it. So I'm still finalizing my outfit and I may have to break the #1 cardinal rule of running and try something new on race day *gasp* Any suggestions for what to wear with a hot pink and any other accessories to make this the funnest outfit ever? :)

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