Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magic Mile in 8:58

I started the morning with a great workout, and spent the rest of the day recovering from it :) I woke up and realized I forgot to wear my night splint and my foot was a bit achy. I got up and got ready anyway and headed to the track early to warm up well before attempting a timed mile. I ran an easy mile, then walked a bit trying to decide if I should go for it. I finally started and almost gave up during the first lap because I wasn't feeling it. I told myself to suck it up and get it done, and I finished in 8:58. That's 6 seconds faster than last June. I know I held back a bit at the beginning, so I can probably run it a little faster, but progress is progress and I'm happy to finally have run it in under 9 minutes.

After the magic mile, we ran 2 mile repeats using 3/1 intervals with a 3 min rest between each repeat: Mile 1 in 10:51 - Mile 2 in 10:36. I finished the workout with a 1 mile cool down around the track for a total of 5 miles. Although the air was cool, the humidity was absurd and I was absolutely drenched when I was done. It felt great though and gave me a bit more confident about a 5K PR next weekend. After I got home, showered, and ate, I took a long nap then we ran some errands. I've spent the rest of the day being lazy on the couch lol

Based on my 8:58 mile, this is what the Galloway predictor formula says I should be able to run under optimal conditions:
  • 5K Race Pace - 9:31 min/mile (29:30)
  • 10K Race Pace - 10:19 min/mile (1:03:56)
  • Half Marathon Race Pace - 10:46 min/mile (2:20:57)
  • Half Marathon Training Pace - 12:39 min/mile (2:45:48)
  • Marathon Race Pace - 11:39 min/mile (5:05:24)
  • Marathon Training Pace - 13:39 min/mile (5:57:48)
Let's hope we have optimal conditions next Saturday :)

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