Saturday, March 31, 2012

Magic Mile in 8:10

I got to the school a little early before my 11 mile long run this morning to time my magic mile. It was brutal! I was trying to get under 8 minutes, but a 15 second improvement is great, specially since it was really humid this morning and I only had time for a 1/2 mile warm up.

I set my watch to beep at me if I went slower than 8:15 and it was beeping the whole time. I think I can get under 8 under better conditions and with a better warm up, but I'm thrilled with this time. I have to admit, I was petrified of running a magic mile this morning because if it was slower than my previous one of 8:25 it would shake my confidence for my upcoming 5K, but this was just what I needed to help get me pumped. 

This MM predicts a 27 min 5K on an all out effort under perfect race conditions, so sub-30 should be no problem. It will probably be warm, and crowded, but I'm going to give it my all and see where the chips fall. I'm excited!

Previous Magic Miles:
  • 3.31.2012 - 8:10 (-0:15)
  • 5.16.2011 - 8:25 (-0:39)
  • 5.10.2010 - 9:04 (-0:11)
  • 9.13.2009 - 9:15 (-1:02)
  • 9.26.2008 - 10:17
New Race Predictions:
Per the Galloway predictor formula; assumes proper training and optimal race conditions (60º or cooler, no crowds, hills, etc)
  • 5K Race Pace - 8:43 - 27:01
  • 10K Race Pace - 9:23 - 58:13
  • Half Marathon Race Pace - 9:48 - 2:08:22
  • Marathon Race Pace - 10:37 - 4:38:09


mizunogirl said...

Which 5K is coming up that you are doing????  Inquiring minds.  and yep  probably hot or crowded.  but you are really doing so well.

Kitzzy said...

Run for the Trees on 4/28. It's the only one I did last year and my current PR, so I am hoping I can pull it off again with all that extra training under my belt. Join me! :)

Kitzzy said...

Oh, I am also running the Corporate 5K on 4/12, but I am not suicidal enough to try to PR there with 15 thousand people. I'll put forth my best effort, but focus more on having fun on that one.

Katy Grinnell said...

Way to go Kitzzy!  That is some awesome progress!  I am excited to do my MM in preparation for my upcoming half. :)

mizunogirl said...

Does the run for the trees include those bricks?  If so No Thank you!  I was hoping for a PR today at the Sorority thing 5K at UCF, but they had no mat at the start and the course seemed to be short by my Garmin. (I know I know, but usually Garmin reads LONG not short.) So while I had a technical PR a huge one, from 32:55 to 31:27, I don't think I can count it and dont want to base my training on it.  So.  Maybe. Also considering one up in the Villages, as its close to me, and the only crowded age groups are the 70, 75 and 80+ up there!!!

Kitzzy said...

I don't recall any bricks, but I really don't mind them. I think it's mostly paved roads except for the end where you run on a dirt road under a canopy of trees in that private property on Genius Drive. It's a gorgeous course and I think I've PRed every time. 

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Katy! Good luck with your MM. Are you training with a Galloway group or just doing your own thing? Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!

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