Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating π Day with 3π Run/Walk

I am seriously loving the Virtual 12athon Challenge. The main challenge is to run or walk 12 miles on the 12th of each month, but there are tons of ridiculous bonus challenges and I love to see everyone's creativity. We just finished the first quarter and the rules have just been changed to give newcomers an equal chance, so read up and hop on board the crazy train next month!

In addition to the 12 miles on the 12th, she has bonus runs here and there and today was one of them. Today's bonus challenge was to run any multiple of 3.14 miles (3.14, 6.28, 9.42,…) and get that many points. Get π bonus points if your running clothes or person displays the symbol π.

I figured I could easily cover 6.28 miles between my morning run and the walks to/from the bus. I wrote the π symbol on my hand with a sharpie this morning before my run and left it on all day. Since I was up and ready earlier than planned, I headed out for an easy warm up before meeting Todd for this morning's run. I got in 1.5 miles and was glad for the extended warm up since Todd is faster than me. The pace we ran was just right for another 4 easy miles and the run felt great. The cooler air may have helped, but I am sure the high humidity nullified that. I was just glad that all the soreness I had felt on my shins the previous day was gone and it was a wonderful run.

Having 5.5 miles done already, I knew I could easily get another 4 to make it 3π (9.42 miles) if I just extended a few of the walks and took a short walk at lunch. I did just that! I kept the Garmin on for my cool down walk and wore it the rest of the day any time I went for a walk to keep a running total. I got off the bus one stop early in the morning, walked a half mile loop at work during lunch, and walked to next stop on my way home. I paused the watch when I got to exactly 9.42 to take this photo, but since I still had to walk home the grand total of miles walked or run today was 9.62.

Bring on April 12th! :)

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