Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rare Solo Run - 10K Tune Up

My group couldn't make it this morning, so I took an early bus to work and ran around Research Park instead. Looking at the bus schedule, I was set to arrive at the office by the time twilight began, and the sun would rise during my run. It was still darker than I expected when I started, but it was cool seeing the sky change colors and it was a nice change of scenery. Since I was running alone and had my phone, I decided to run with music for a change, and I didn't forget my water bottle this time.

I wanted to do a short speed workout as a tune up for Saturday's 10K race to remind my legs what that speed feels like. I initially planned to go to the track, but I could not decide what intervals to do. Logic would dictate that I run 400s or 800s at 10K pace, but I wanted to practice hitting that pace using the run/walk ratio I plan for the race, so I settled on running the middle 2 miles at 10K pace.

After walking 15 minutes from the bus to my office to drop off my stuff, I started with an easy mile @ 12:40, picked up the pace for the next 2 miles @ 10:25 average pace, then ran 1.5 mile @ 12:20 pace back to my office as a cool down. I was hoping the 2 miles would be closer to 10-10:15 pace, but I don't think I was warmed up enough to jump to that pace from 12:40, and I probably held back a little because I didn't want to overdue it before the race. I used 3/1 intervals for all 4.5 miles, and those 2 miles left me exhausted, but 2 miles is not really long enough for me to ease into a pace. I'm used to easing into a pace with negative splits, but today I basically kicked it into high gear as soon as the first mile was over.  I took it real easy after those 2 miles were done and that felt pretty good but I was when I was done. 

I think I'll do much better at the 10K, specially after a better warm up. I'll be biking about 30 minutes there as my warm up, and if I get there early enough I hope to run a slow mile before the start. I also think I'm going to start with 2:30/1 intervals instead of 3/1 to further help me ease into; I can always adjust later. I know I have it in me to average at least 10:15 pace, since I did that during the 2nd half of the Orange Blossom Half 3 weeks ago, but even if 10:25 is all I can manage on Saturday, that will still be a PR so that's ok. 

The run did leave me a little deflated, but I always seem to have a crappy run the week before a race and I am still fighting this funk from yesterday so I wasn't in the right frame of mine. I also think it's time to retire these shoes, at least for speed work and long runs, because my feet were really sore all day after the run. Thankfully, I cashed in on a foot rub Jason owed me and they feel much better now. Going to rest up now and just see what Thursday brings, do what I can Saturday and hope for the best. 

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