Saturday, March 24, 2012

Race Report: Winter Park 10K 2012

Sole Mates! (some not pictured)
Sole Mates
This was way too much fun, but also a lot of work. Let's get the stats out of the way:
  • 7th 10K
  • Chip Time: 1:03:28 @ 10:14
  • Clock Time: 1:05:04 
  • AG: 121 / 296 (41%)
  • Gender: 662 / 1730 (38%)
  • Overall: 1434 / 2877 (50%)
  • Intervals: 2:30/1
  • Garmin
    • Time: 6.29 in 1:03:31 @ 10:05
    • Mile Splits: 10:58 - 10:04 - 09:41 - 10:11 - 09:42 - 10:13 - 9:15 (.3 in 2:42)
    • Half Splits: 10:15 - 9:55
Ok, I'll share. (I LOVE this photo) I didn't break an hour, or even a 10 minute mile, but I did PR by almost 3 minutes and worked my ass off for it. It was a lot hotter and more humid than in years past, and that really took it's toll. I'm really glad I opted not to wear knee high socks. The course was also very crowded, probably because of all the extra bling they were giving out for their 35th anniversary, which is why our first mile was so much slower than the rest. It didn't really get better until at least mile 3. Oh, and I guess I never noticed before but this race is kind of hilly by Florida standards, which explains my inconsistent splits as I was taking advantage of those downhills and stopped at every water stop -- walk break or not -- to drink and pour water all over my head, neck and face. Considering all these things, I'm thrilled with my time because I gave it all I had and still managed to enjoy it. 

Yup, he just got chicked =PWe biked 5 miles there, and I also ran a slow mile with a few strides to warm up; I think both of these really helped my performance. I started the race with Stephanie and Todd, who ditched us as soon as he saw Chris--he was only using us for our beeps! Stephanie and I stuck together and pushed each other the entire race, until she pulled ahead during the last 1/2 mile when I couldn't push any more. t tried to catch up to her, but I was spent. I barely had anything left for a finishing kick, though I dug deep enough to at least chick some guy. I'm glad we stuck with 2:30/1 intervals instead of 3/1, because that would have been too much. Considering how hot it was, 2/1 intervals may have been even better, but we survived. Jason didn't run this race, so he was our photographer and got lots of awesome photos. Of course, we were always on a walk break whenever we saw him so had to fake it, which made it even more fun! Check out all the photos on Flickr

We hung out at the finish line for a while cheering on our other runners, then caught up with Laura and more Galloway runners on our way out. I was there for so long that I missed out on all the food :( But we biked over to La Empanada Truck and it was so yummy: Curry Cauliflower, Southwestern Scramble, Banana/Nutella, and Salted Dark Chocolate. Oh man, it's a good thing this food truck is not near me often! =P


mizunogirl said...

Great report.  I am sorry I missed you, but more sorry that I missed those Empanadas....

Shannon Chenoweth said...

Great report! Despite the bottle necking with the crowd, it was a great race. 

Kitzzy said...

LOL! They were very tasty! We'll meet soon enough! Maybe at the 12K if not sooner.

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