Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitdeck Workout

This morning I finally got back to some strength training with a Fitdeck Bodyweight workout. It was only 16 minutes, but it packed a big punch in that time as I cycled from one card to the next with little rest. I've mentioned these before, and I own several physical decks, but today I want to talk about the iPhone app version.

The app currently only has the Bodyweight deck, but that is still 50 cards divided into 4 categories: upper, middle, lower, and full body. You can configure a workout to focus on one or more areas by turning on and off the related set of cards. You can then configure a workout to just shuffle the deck and go, or for a specific number of cards or minutes. Each card has a picture and a description of the exercise along with suggested reps based on your level of fitness (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

The thing I like about the app vs the physical decks, specially once they add more decks, is that I don't have to figure out how to carry all the cards (I have 4 decks) with me to be able to do a workout anywhere I go. The app makes shuffling or isolating an area (upper, lower, core, etc) easier than me sitting there sorting the cards, which I often did. It also has a built in timer for the entire workout as well as the exercises that are based on time instead of reps, such as a plank or bear crawls.


Today I configured the workout for 20 minutes for 34 cards; I turned off the lower body category since I have a long run tomorrow. I figured I would reshuffle the deck if I got through it all before time was up.  I finished one pass of the deck in about 16 minutes (I skipped a few other cards too), but I just called it quits after that because I forgot how intense this is and I wanted to have a little time for a yoga cool down. Since it had been a while, I stuck to the beginner reps for each card.

Here's a summary of roughly what I did.

  • push ups: at least 40 of various types: standard, negative, wide, narrow, staggered, spades
  • planks: 2-30s side planks, 2-20s tripod hold (one-arm plank), and 45s forearm plank
  • cardio/full body:  50 jumping jacks (20 full; 30 half), star jumpers, squat thrusts, 8-count body builders
  • core: all kinds of other core exercises, including a few crunches
I plan to do this again on Sunday, but using the full deck. I often skip some exercise that I think are too hard or that I don't have room/time for but I am going to give each of them at least 1 shot.

Now it's time to wind down and get ready for bed in the next hour because I get to run double digits tomorrow morning with my Galloway. I'm so excited! :)


Christyruns said...

I have a couple fit decks and love to use them.  I will have to check out the ipad app, since I just got an ipad!

KLETCO said...

Wow, interesting. I've never heard of this. I will check it out. I wonder if they have an Android app.

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