Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

#1 Postcrossing: I got an email yesterday from that my first postcard made it to it's destination in Taiwan. This means I'll be getting one myself very soon! I'm very excited. I need to buy or make some more soon so I can send them off and see where they go. 

#2 Recovery/Taper: I ran 4.3 miles (including the warm up) at an easy pace this morning as my last run before Sunday's Half. I can tell I'm not fully recovered from last Sunday's hard effort, so I'm glad we took it easy with 1:1 intervals. My right hamstring is a little cranky, so I'm icing, stretching, and rolling it. I'll be bringing The Stick with me on the trip to give it some more TLC. No worries, I'll be smart and not push at all on Sunday if it still feels that way. I just want to finish without getting injured because I really want to PR at the 10K at the end of the month. 

#3 Car Trouble: Of course the car would have issues right before we go out of town. It's overheating and Jason thinks its the thermostat, but with no time to fix it this week my parents came to the rescue and we're driving my mom's car to Sarasota. I actually wrote this on the bus on my way to pick up the car. 

It's been a long day of trip prep and driving, and after fixing a snafu with the hotel, we're finally ready to call it a night. So good night!

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