Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Anniversary Edition

Photo Booth Fun #1) 8 years: Today Jason and I celebrated a new PR :) We've been putting up with each other for 8 wonderful years. Before we found each other, the longest relationship either of us had was 3 years, so we have staying power. I attribute it to having so much in common, yet being independent enough to have our own interests. We are each other's Ying and Yang. I love how if one of us is in a bad mood, the other will immediately compensate to make the other feel better. It's like an unwritten rule that we can't both be upset at the same time. We always bring the best in each other and inspire each other to do great things, such as swing dancing, photography, cycling, and marathons.

#2 Melting Pot: This is one of our favorite places to celebrate our anniversary; I think we've gone there the past few years and it never disappoints. They always give us a Happy Anniversary card signed by their staff, which is such a simple thing to do but a really nice touch. We started with the cheddar cheese fondue because it is our favorite. For the main meal, we kept it light with their house salad so we could fully indulge in the dessert because we usually are too full and end up skipping it. Boy am I glad we did. They brought us complimentary raspberry champagne, and we chose a dark chocolate fondue with bailey's. Yum! We savored every morsel and even had room for seconds of a few things.

#3 Bowfire: Earlier in the week, I found a Groupon for this show at Bob Carr and we grabbed two tickets. The show was amazing! The violins were incredible, but that wasn't enough. They also sang and tap danced. The tap dancing was insanely cool on it's own, but then they tap danced while playing the violin -- so impressive! I just wish it wasn't a Thursday night because we were getting sleepy at the end since we're usually in bed long before 10 p.m. It was totally worth it!

Happy Anniversary Jason! I guess I'll put up with you for another year ;)


Kimberly Krebs said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Kim!

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