Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recap: February 2012

February was of course a great month because I finally met my marathon goal and it was just amazing. I don't have much else to say that I haven't said already, so I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves.

Stats & Goal Progress (16%)
  • Run: 74 miles; 175 / 1000 miles (18%) - I took it easy on the milage as I recovered from the marathon and tapered for the March races, but that's still a lot of milage for me. 
    • time: 14.5 hours
    • avg pace: 11:47
  • Walk: 83 miles; 137/500 (27%) - Wow! I am pretty sure this is another monthly walk PR, almost 30 miles more than in January. It is great recovery, and I'm enjoying it so much that I often find ways to add more walking to my day.
  • Bike: 70 miles / 6 days; 10/52 (19%) - Instead of "times" per week, which I was having a hard time counting since some days I would bike a few times or wasn't sure if to count roundtrips as 1 or 2 since they are logged separately, I decided I'm going to count days I bike. So the goal is to bike at least 1 day per week. 
  • Yoga: 6 hrs; 16/120 (13%) - I fell a little short here, but I took some time off because of my wrist and because I needed the extra sleep on some days. 
  • Drove: 638 miles; 1260 / 6500 (19%) - a little over my goal again, and even more than last month, but this included the trip to Jacksonville for the marathon, so it's not that surprising. 
  • Dinning Out: 11x; $85 / $80; restaurants: $71 / $60; snacks/sweets: $14 / $20 - I thought I had gone over budget much more than this, but I made up for it by not buying as many sweets. Again, this was mainly due to our trip to Jacksonville where we had no choice but to eat out. I'm hoping on our trip to Sarasota this weekend we can have access to a fridge and maybe a microwave, but we'll at least bring a cooler to keep a few things on hand. 
Feb Accomplishments
Goals for March

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