Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sarasota HM Pre-Race Thoughts

Busy Weekend
I'm exhausted, more mentally than physically, but I'm still exhausted. I've spent the past 2 days in a room with 30+ other runners for 9 hours learning how to be a running coach, and my brain is about to explode. But at least I got lots really good information that I hope to apply during my next training cycle, so that's really exciting. I'll post more about my experience later.

Expo / Race Outfit
After today's training session, we went to the expo to get our race packets. The shirts are really nice and I was happy they let me try it on and change sizes. Both the race shirts and bibs are gender specific, which is nice, but why do the women have to get the pastel blue color? What amuses me though is that the bib matches my race outfit. I didn't actually choose it for this reason, although I had seen a photo of the bib and my subconscious must have remembered it. I just thought a pink skirt with flowers would be fun with my half fanatics singlet :)
Race Shirt and BibRace Outfit
My main goal for tomorrow is to have fun and finish half marathon #14 with a smile. Having just raced a half PR a week ago, and with the forecast calling for warmer weather, I don't think it wise to push tomorrow. I plan to bring my camera to capture the gorgeous scenery, and I am seriously considering leaving my phone and watch in the car so I can just run by feel and see what happens. We'll see if I go through with it tomorrow :)

Track Me
Since I'll likely not run with my iPhone because I don't want the added weight if I run with my camera, I signed up to have my splits posted to Facebook through the race. I have no idea how often those will post, but my guess would be every 5K. You can also subscribe yourself to receive my splits via text or email during the race at

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