Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patty's Themed 10K(ish) Fun Run

Sole Mates Photo Break during run - LOVE this photo!
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Since many of us didn't run yesterday because of the Victory Breakfast, I scheduled a themed fun run today near my apartment on a 10K(ish) route through Downtown Orlando. A route I like to call the "Tour of Downtown Orlando Lakes." Is the same route I used for our Christmas Eve Fun Run. It's really pretty and has several fountains along the way, which was great because it's started to get warm and muggy already. There were 8 of us total clad in green, except for Chris that didn't get the memo, from 2 different Galloway pace groups. We enjoyed a leisurely run around the lakes, watching the sunrise as we ran over the bridge, and stopping for a photo at a lovely tree along the way. After the run, we had breakfast at Panera and got to know the other group a little better. It was nice to get the two groups together and I hope to do more often on our OYO weekends.

After I got home and showered, I spent the rest of the day completing and triple checking the answers, to my RRCA Coach Certification test and finally submitted it. I passed with a score well above what I needed to pass and I'm relieved to have that weight off my shoulders. Now I just need to renew my First Aid Certification, send that in, and then I'll be official!  I was pretty anxious until I got that score, so we went for a walk to Publix and enjoyed this gorgeous day outdoors. Then we made a yummy dinner and homemade ice cream. Now I'm ready to relax. It's been a great Sunday and the perfect way to end this great week. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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