Monday, March 19, 2012

Recap: Week 11 2012 & Case of the Blahs

Last week was a great week of recovery, culminating in the fun and effortless St Patty's run yesterday. However, this week did not start out well today. I went to bed last night with a migraine and opted to sleep in today instead of doing yoga. I briefly contemplated calling in sick and staying in bed because I woke up with my head all fuzzy still as if a headache was brewing, but got up and got ready to see how I felt. I felt ok, so I went to work, but I've been blah all day. Nothing really wrong, just not feeling much of anything. But little by little, things started looking up: 
  • I got my refund gift certificate from Skirt Sports this morning, for a return I just mailed back to them Friday afternoon! I was not expecting to hear from them so soon because I didn't think it they would even receive it until later this week. 
  • As luck would have it, Skirt Sports just posted a huge March Madness Sale today, so I may be cashing that in sooner than expected and finally get to try one of their running dresses (although I'll probably wear it to bike).
  • The bus home arrived early for a change, instead of 20 minutes late.
  • While on the bus, I received an email back from Orbitz confirming that the crappy hotel that we did not stay at in Bradenton approved the refund and it's being processed. I was really worried I was going to have to eat that cost or dispute it through Discover Card, but things are working out nicely. 
  • The refund for the April half I planned to run that got cancelled got processed Friday and I should see it in my account this week.
  • My coaching test is done and passed, and I even heard from the instructor about what I can do if my First Aid certificate doesn't arrive on time.
  • I have a race this weekend, so I should be excited about that instead of feeling unmotivated because of not having an upcoming race.
So I really have no stressors, yet I feel super stressed and overwhelmed. I just get this way sometimes (maybe once a month?). Jason greeted me with a yummy dinner of stuffed acorn squash and the smell of fresh bread, followed by our homemade ice cream and a really productive evening, so I'm feeling better. Hopefully tomorrow morning's speedy run will pull me out of this funk for good. 

Week 11: March 12-18
  • ran 18 miles
  • biked 13 miles
  • walked 18 miles
  • 75 min yoga
Goals for week 12
  • run 12-15 miles
  • walk 15+ miles
  • bike 1 day
  • 1 hour of yoga
  • 62min 10K or PR (< 1:06)

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