Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

#1 Running Buddies - The dynamics of running alone vs a group vs just one person are fascinating. When running alone, it's easier to lose motivation and give up, but at the same time is easy to push too hard. Running with a group, specially on long runs, is a way to get distracted and maintain a conversational pace. Running with just 1 other person is a whole other story and a hell of a lot easier to push each other without realizing it because there is just the one person to match pace. I Ran with just Jimmy this morning, and for some reason (maybe my 1.5 mile warm up) we started lighting fast with a 9:44 mile. We were both struggling a little of the other 3 miles even though they were all above 11, because it's hard to recover from that. What's really amusing is that we both kept pushing to keep up with the other even though both of us wanted to slow down. I've noticed this phenomenon happens a lot.

#2 Plank a Day - I'm doing this 30 day challenge again because I've been neglecting my core and I know it needs to be super strong to support my attempt at a sub-30 5K. When I need to dig deep is my core that matters because I know that my legs can handle it. So far is going well, and I plan to add push ups other stuff tomorrow. Now that I'm not logging so many miles, is time to crank up the intensity on this other stuff for a little while. This will mean less yoga too, but that's ok because I find I need that more when I am running more. I'll still be doing yoga, but focusing more on strength and toning poses and less on relaxation and stretching, but still maintaining some balance.

#3 It's not friday? Today really feels like a Friday. I think it's because we drove to work and we usually do that on Fridays. It's also been a really weird and busy week with attending First Aid training in the middle of the week. I just wish it was Friday already so I can run my 10 miles the next day already. I'm a bundle of energy today with nowhere to direct it.

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