Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday This and That

My brain is fried, so you get a bullet post summarizing my day.

  • I woke up tired and achy, but I got ready to run anyway.
  • It was freezing during my morning run -- ok 52ยบ isn't freezing, but it's been warm lately so I forgot what that felt like. 
  • I wore the tough girl skirt and Garmin so I didn't have to deal with taking off my gloves to mess with the iPhone app. 
  • I didn't really need my gloves. 
  • I somehow busted out 3 miles at 10:52 pace (after 1.5 mile slow warm up run). Thanks Omar!
  • My hip/glute has been angry all day. 
  • I think it might be my IT-band protesting on the other end.
  • I wore my compression capris under my jeans so I could ice it on the way to the bus and at work lol
  • It's been a long day at work filled with meetings that left my head spinning, but it was very productive and now have a ton of action items.
  • In my overwhelmed scattered-brain state, I left my bus pass at my desk, but thankfully I had cash to pay for the ride home.
  • After all this all I could muster for dinner was boiling some pasta with jarred sauce and peas. It was yummy. 
  • Today is ends the plank-a-day challenge and I managed 1:20. I was really hoping for 1:30, but that's all I had. It's still the longest I've gone, so I'm good with that. 
  • Leadership training for work starts tomorrow, and I already have homework, so I better get to it.

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